noun           whis key   

1.  a liquor distilled from fermented wort (such as that obtained from rye, corn, or barley mash)

We take great pride in the fact that our whiskey is "grain to glass."  This means we don't take short cuts when making our whiskey - we start the whiskey making process from the very beginning - with the malted barley. 
The whiskey making process is quite detailed, but here's a Cliff's Notes Version for the whiskey novice:
The barley is mixed with hot water and mashed in the mash tun.  The remaining liquid (wort) is then transferred to the fermenter where it ferments and is now referred to as wash.  Next, the wash goes to the still where it is distilled (once, twice, three times a lady) and voila - we now have something called whiskey.
For a more detailed (and articulate) explanation of the whiskey making process, sign up for a tour with a distillery owner!
Andalusia White
Our white Texas malt whiskey is made from pure rainwater, American and Texas malted barley.  It is triple distilled, creating our signature, distinctive whiskey.  This clear spirit is a respectful nod to the early American moonshiners and can be served straight or mixed with cocktails in place of rum or vodka.
50% ABV (100 proof)
Revenant Oak

A revenant is a spirit that has returned from the grave.  Revenant Oak is a peated, single malt that is crafted from 100% malted barley and steeped in authentic, dead bourbon barrels that we bring back to life.  Traditionally produced in the spirit of great scotch whiskeys, Revenant Oak is infused with a hint of peat smoke that finishes with a smooth and refined character.

50% ABV (100 proof)

Stryker adopts the Scottish tradition of smoking malted barley that is destined to be used in their signature Islay Scotches.  Rather than burning peat, however, Stryker is mashed from malted barley that has been smoked in the Texas BBQ tradition: with oak, mesquite, and apple woods.  This is Backyard BBQ Whiskey at it’s best.

50% ABV (100 proof)
Andalusia Triple-Distilled 
An American single malt, triple distilled in the Irish tradition.  While most Scotch whiskies are double-distilled, the Irish discovered that a third distillation in their copper pot stills produced a smoother, lighter-bodied whiskey.  The delicate flavor of malted barley is allowed to shine after aging in a charred American oak barrel. Slainte!
50% ABV (100 proof)

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